Industrial automation

We design, manufacture and install control panels for machines and control systems for production lines.

Industrial automation

We have been dealing with automation for over forty years, with passion!

Our technical staff is able to provide turnkey solutions for the design, production, installation, testing and after-sales support of control systems for industrial plants and machinery.
Thanks to the possibility of operating on different platforms such as Siemens® 300, 1200, 1500, Schneider Electric®, Allen-Bradley, Omron, Mitsubishi and GE®, we develop process automation systems designed to meet every customer need and goal.
Alternatively we can provide solutions, based on microprocessor systems, developed to manage production machines even in large series in various industrial sectors.
In order to make the industrial processes more efficient, safe and qualitative, we perform digitalization interventions of these processes by means of data collection equipment and supervision tools (SCADA) that we integrate with various types of management (ERP, CRM, CMMS, MES etc.) according to the 4.0 Industry dictates.


From project to installation

We verify how the customer wants to manage the process and we take care of the rest.

Supervision and 4.0 Industry

Advanced solutions for data collection and process digitization.
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