We are passionate about electronics and automation and we are active in business since January 1977, when Francesco Rasotto (Antonio for friends) founded the Rasotto snc then turned into Rasotto Engineering. We like to remember the past and we are proud to look to the future with the aim of continuing and improving what Antonio, together with his collaborators, has been able to do. Thanks Antonio.

Actually we build products with our brand and for this reason we do not accept compromises that could undermine the quality of what we are doing. Our motto is: "my today's quality guarantees my tomorrow's work".


At DSSTech we work with passion to provide to the people products and services to improve their systems and machines performances.

We develop and produce equipment to monitor consumptions and energy saving.

We provide a great experience to those who need to increase their production and maintenance processes efficiency according to the 4.0 industry dictates.

We like to drive the technology we use and therefore the products we sell are entirely designed, built and tested by us, both firmware and software.


Because we are experienced and we offer our years of experience in the automation sector as service for the customer.

Because we never feel accomplished and we commit to innovate our products and services every day.

Because we commit to be near the customer, always.


Quality is a fundamental principle of our company philosophy; for this reason it is a main ingredient of our strategies and daily choices. Normatives and procedures guarantee our quality system.

Since 2004 the company has been UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certified: it means entire production cycle certification, from design to production, from testing the single piece up to after-sales service.

The choice to be certified shows our will to take on a continuous commitment with the customer and has the objective of achieving its satisfaction with a qualitative offer at a competitive price.

The ISO 9001 certification guarantees this choice both outside and inside the company.

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