Energy management and saving

Solutions for the energy management from alternative sources and for energy saving in public and private lighting lines.

Energy management and saving

Over the years we have developed, built and installed several energy management equipment. At the beginning of this decade, with the investments increase in photovoltaics, we built various controllers for some of the major European companies. We continue to produce equipment for photovoltaic systems remote monitoring, for the produced energy accounting, for the panels and inverters efficiency control.

Furthermore, for about fifteen years we have been manufacturing equipment for lighting lines. From simple cabinets to supply a constant voltage line to a complete range of light flow regulators designed to minimize energy expenditure. The lighting of our streets, of our cities, consumes a significant amount of energy: with simple interventions it is possible to make savings of between 30 and 60%.


Public lighting

An expensive service with many implications


Equipment for the plants efficiency remote control and the produced energy accounting.
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