VEL-R series rotary bottle wrapping machines

The solution for automatic wrapping, giving your bottle an absolute touch of class

VEL-R series rotary bottle wrapping machines

The wrapping of the fine wines bottle helps to ensure its protection from light. The VEL-R1.1500 is an excellent solution for those who want to automate the wrapping or for those who want to reward their production by starting to enrich it with an extra touch of elegance.
The automatic wrapping machine for glass bottles VEL-R1.1500 has been designed for bottles automatic wrapping by means of tissue paper starting from a roll. The size in width, as well as the weight of the roll paper, may vary according to the customer's needs. The VEL-R1.1500 can work either with manual loading or in line with a labeller; in this case, it is essential to combine its operation based on its hourly production.
The VEL-R1.1500 can reach a production of up to 1500 bottles/hour; this data depends on the size and shape of the bottle, classic 0.75 lt.


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