Products and solutions

Special machines

Solution to automate the bottles wrapping ensuring proper protection from light sources, the cause of oxidation and aging of the product

Industrial automation

Industrial automation solutions, from design to commissioning

Controllers and electronic instruments

Standard solutions for automation and custom-made products

Photovoltaic systems

On-site installation and management solutions for photovoltaic systems

Energy management and saving

Solutions and products to manage and save energy

Smart Home and Smart Building

Automation solutions designed to save energy and improve the buildings usability


Quality policy


Chemistry and Pharmaceuticals

Dispensers, mixers, centrifuges, CIP, liquid solution preparation plants, solutions for process control, data collection and analysis.

Bakery and Pastry

Dosing machines, kneaders, dough sheeters, leavening rooms, ovens, we produce electronic controllers for all types of this sector machines.


Distribution, control and command panels, for power lines and energy production plants. Supervision and remote controls.


Food and Drinks

Complete control systems and supervision tools for the food systems management.


Controllers for new machines and retrofit interventions for old machines' updates.


Positioners, control panels, plants control systems.



Standardized solutions for simple cycles or controllers specially designed for particular machines.

Water treatment

Customized automation solutions for small and large installations, supervision, data collection and analysis.


Control panels and control systems for special machines.


Technical support and after sales

We support our client during the project phase and we accompany him with an after-sales technical assistance service able to guarantee the plants efficiency and satisfied customers.

  • Whether it's a new project or a retrofit on machines or plants, we stand by our customers and work to make the process as short as possible.

    Experience has a relevant value to avoid problems and get project results quickly; in the sectors for which we operate we achieved a considerable knowledge that we make available to those who choose our services.

    Our technical support structure offers:

    Direct line with expert technicians to quickly solve problems both in the design phase and during the plant construction

    Test activity, both functional and able to measure the components and accessories life cycle, also with specific equipment development and construction

    On site presence of technicians during the plants construction phase

    Skills to implement control systems that comply with specific standards such as Atex or UL / CSA

  • Training of operational staff is very often the key to success.

    If required, we train the operating personnel on the machines or on the plants, so as to make familiar to the user the solutions supplied to the operator himself, up to their maintenance.

  • We have always distinguished ourselves to assist our customers before, during but especially after our installations.

    We offer remote assistance but also the on-site presence of our specialized technicians.

    We offer our experience to the customer service, also for existing machines and plants maintenance.

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